Sarah Young


These four colour silkscreen prints on 100% cotton can be used as tea-towels,( recommended wash at 40 degrees C), or cut, simply sewn and stuffed to make lovely toys or cushions. You can also stuff them with something heavier ,like dried beans, (don't get wet!), to make an attractive doorstop.

They are £11 each, but you can have any four for £33, any 6 for £49.50 or all or any 8 for £62. E-mail with your choices, or better still visit my Etsy shop,(link to the left). There you can also see more pictures of them made up.

You may be charged multiple postage if ordering more than one design through this site- we'll refund any excess through paypal immediately, but it may be easier all round to just use the Etsy shop.

If you have made up any of these teatowels, and have a minute please send me jpegs of your creations. Whether you have left them as is, or added your own embellishments! I am putting together a Pinterest board of them all in their new homes!

Many Thanks


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  1. lara Harwood avatar
    lara Harwood Nov 6, 2013

    Great to see your work Sarah, Please add me to your mailing list, thank you. Lara

  2. Emma van Woerkom avatar
    Emma van Woerkom Jan 8, 2014

    Hi Sarah, Just to say the 4 of these I bought as Christmas gifts were a HUGE success. They all looked absolutely magnificent and I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite among them.  Thank you and please add me to your mailing list. Best wishes, Emma.

  3. David Woolf avatar
    David Woolf Feb 11, 2014

    The etsy link of your website menu isn’t working! Do I take it you work from Brighton or are you a potential participant in our Illustration Hastings showcase?

  4. SARAH YOUNG avatar
    SARAH YOUNG Feb 11, 2014

    Dear David
    Have just checked and it’s working on our system - what browser are you using?
    Sarah is Worthing based, so probably would be out of area for a Hastings exhibition?
    Best wishes

  5. susanna avatar
    susanna Mar 3, 2014

    Hi, I am using Google Chrome and cannot access link to etsy shop. Also where has the clarence silk screen teatowel gone? Love all designs but wanted to look at this one in particular.
    Kind regards Susanna.

  6. Julia avatar
    Julia Mar 28, 2014

    Hi, I have been given Oswald the owl and am intending to make it up and am wondering what the two extra pieces at the bottom of the pattern are.  Are they ears?  There is no mention of them in the instructions.  Regards Julia

  7. Sarah avatar
    Sarah Jan 7, 2015

    Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say how much I love these! Really beautiful work. Will be ordering, just deciding which ones…but definitely Felix for my nephew of the same name! Please do add me to your mailing list.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year,

  8. Claire Thompson avatar
    Claire Thompson Jan 12, 2015

    Hi there,
    I was wanting to order some of your tea-towels on Etsy but the price is different on Etsy. To get the cheaper price on your website do I need to come to you directly?