Sarah Young

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  1. Mary avatar
    Mary Jan 11, 2014

    Dear Sarah, please could you add me to your contact list.  I would love to come to an exhibition and see your paintings live - only bough cards up to now.

    best wishes Mary

  2. Melissa avatar
    Melissa Feb 13, 2014

    I just love you work Sarah! It’s so ethereal and magical! I’m so glad to have found you.

  3. Marion Vinot avatar
    Marion Vinot Feb 19, 2014

    Absolutely gorgeous paintings !
    All of your creative work is absolutely ” magnifique ”  !
    I LOVE IT !
    And It’s incredibly well done in my favorite style.
    I am a french painter/and right now a Story -writer .I live up-state NY . The Story I am writing could definitely use your skillful talent and pictural imagination for its illustrations, better than mine, I ‘m afraid ! Bur I guess we have to do with what we have. And what you are doing is brilliant ! Lovely talking !  Marion.