Sarah Young


These relief prints are cut from wood, lino, or vinyl and printed on a small press at Inkspot Press Brighton. Some prints are multi-block prints whilst others incorporate Chine-colle - tissue and coloured paper to add colour.

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  1. Alison avatar
    Alison Feb 11, 2014

    Just found a greetings card with a print of yours on it. Love your work, so full of life and energy.

  2. SARAH YOUNG avatar
    SARAH YOUNG Feb 11, 2014

    Dear Alison,
    Thankyou so much, I’m glad you like it! It’s really great to hear feedback. All the best

  3. Colin West avatar
    Colin West Mar 18, 2014

    Just bought your lovely Oak Angel print from Rye Gallery. Are you on facebook or twitter? If so, can I follow you?

  4. rosie macurrach avatar
    rosie macurrach Jul 21, 2014

    Dear Sarah, i have seen a print of yours i would love to buy but have not seen it on your website.  it is of a mans face with a fox face printed over the top.  I you have one available could i buy it and how much would it be?
    very kind regards